Interview with Benjamin Orr from July 1985

This is an interview from Saturday 13 July 1985 with Benjamin Orr at Live Aid
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I love this interview, the fact that Benjamin was a huge fan and for him as a fan the best moment was meeting Ronnie Lane backstage, hearing Benjamin say this I felt so moved.
Below is some information about him.
(Ronald Frederick “Ronnie” Lane (1 April 1946 – 4 June 1997)] was an English musician, songwriter, and producer who is best known as the bass guitarist and founding member of two prominent English rock and roll bands: Small Faces (1965–69) and subsequently Faces (1969–73). With Small Faces he was nicknamed “Plonk”. After their breakup, reorganisation and Lane’s losing the band’s frontman slot to Rod Stewart, he earned the nickname “Three-Piece”. In 1977 he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis
Lane emigrated to Texas, USA, in 1984 (first to Houston, then Austin), where the climate was more beneficial to his health and he continued playing, writing, and recording. )
About The Cars and Live Aid: They performed @ 17:39 with a tight 4 song set despite some technical problems ( in their final interview in 2000 with Benjamin , they talked about this ) This is their set list
1 “You Might Think”
2 “Drive”
3 “Just What I Needed”
4 “Heartbeat City”
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