Downtown Train (By Ear) Rod Stewart/Melissa Black

Melissa Black is a Voice Teacher, Vocal Coach, Professional Pianist and three-time Grammy-Nominated “Music Educator Of The Year”. PURCHASE Melissa’s Newest Album Here – A selection of songs from Jekyll & Hyde! – Melissa specializes in piano karaoke tracks in the keys, style and tempos of todays hottest artists!! AND she can play all of them in any key you want by ear! Melissa is a “classical-crossover” singer and expert music arranger of all styles of music as well as being a master of the piano. (Many people do not know that Melissa was also a master of the flute for many years – playing in various bands and orchestras when she wasn’t on stage as a singer or in the pit as the pianist.) Melissa – who has a Masters Degree in Music Education and perfect pitch – plays all of her piano karaoke’s by ear and is also able to transpose them by ear to different keys for singers. Melissa has over 650 releases – (piano karaoke’s by ear as well as vocal releases and complete albums) with lots more on the way! She is the most sought-after Vocal Coach in the Phoenix area! Not only has Melissa, who has a Masters Degree and produced an AMERICAN IDOL WINNER (Jordin Sparks) – she continues to produce successful female and male singers that are already making their mark in the music industry. All of her recordings are self-produced in her home recording studio and all songs feature Melissa on Vocals and Piano – recorded at the same time and all BY EAR! Melissa’s piano skills are outstanding in the fact that she can play by ear ALL types of music by ear AND transpose any song she hears to any key and play it to perfection. Most of her life – Melissa has also been a flute player in various orchestras and bands when she was not at the piano or on stage as a singer. Melissa owns and operates the most successful voice and piano studio in Phoenix. She also owns Melissa Black Music Publishing (ASCAP).Her recordings are sold all over the world and are featured on CD Baby, as well as many other digital music stores! Melissa was schooled at Oklahoma City University and The University Of Central Oklahoma and was the pianist for Kristin Chenowith. NOTE – Melissa has mechanical licenses for ALL of her covers that she records and distributes and any song of Melissa’s that you cannot find in her digital music stores – get in touch with her at – send her a note about what song you want – after receiving a small fee to her PAYPAL account ( – Melissa will send you an mp3 of that song to your email. The fee is normally 2.00 for the piano karaoke that she recorded but if you want a custom karaoke done in a different key, style, etc. that will be extra. Thank you!!

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