Rod Stewart – Make love to me tonight

11. Make Love To Me Tonight
(R. Stewart, C. Kentis, D. Kirkpatrick, C. Korsch, D. Palmer, P. Warren)

When I see you standing there
When I come home from work
My old heart just skips a beat
And I become a flirt

We’ve been together many years
And my love for you still grows
But the dark clouds are gathering
And our future is unknown

Oh my little darling
We’re going to face hard times
But right now
I’ve got one thing on my mind

Make love to me tonight
Like there’s no tomorrow
You and only you
Can drive away my sorrow

Roll me in your loving arms
Never let me go
Wear that sexy underwear
Turn the lamp down low

By and by, we’ll work it out
I know that we’ll get through
I may be down, but I’m not out
As long as I’ve got you

This job of mine is on the line
‘Cause the factory is bound to close
We’ll feel the pinch of hardship
When the winter winds blow

I would’ve borrowed from the bank
But I don’t think they’ll listen
Foreclosure is as common
As a lying politician

Oh my little darling, you are the rock on which I stand
You’re my strength and wisdom
The soul behind the man

(Chorus 2x)

Stand by my side

Guitars: Paul Warren and Don Kirkpatrick
Slide Guitar: Emerson Swinford
B3 Organ: Chuck Kentis
Violin: J’Anna Jacoby
Bass: Conrad Korsch
Drums: David Palmer
Background Vocals: Di Reed, Angela Michael, Sharlotte Gibson, Sandy Chilla
Lead Vocal production: Paul Warren
Produced by Rod Stewart
Co-Produced by Chuck Kentis
Additional production by Kevin Savigar

Engineered and mixed by Kevin Savigar
Additional engineering by Tom Weir at Studio City Sound, Studio City, CA
Recorded at Satinwood Studios, Santa Clarita, CA, Celtic House, Los Angeles, CA, Sunset
Sound Studios, Los Angeles, CA, Echo Beach Studios, Jupiter, FL and RAK Studios, London, UK
Mixed at Satinwood Studios, Santa Clarita, CA
Mastered by Bernie Grundman at Bernie Grundman Mastering, Hollywood, CA

© 2013 EMI April Music, Inc. (ASCAP) / Kentis Music (BMI) / Big Nod Music (ASCAP) / Scrumptious Music (BMI) / Commander Bond Music (ASCAP) / Three Chord Music (BMI). All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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